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  1- An idea is submitted
    2- We then send it to the design team, were they look over the idea and determine if it is a feasable product to produce.  
  3- A CAD drawing is created of the product and any artistic supports that match the features.    
    4- A sheet of steel manufactured right here in northwest indiana is selected.  
  5- The steel is then loaded onto the CNC Plasma cutter and the parts are cut out.    
    6- The parts are finish ground and taken to the weld shop, were it is expertly welded by one of our certified welders.  
  7- The constructed bench then goes to the powder coating department were it is cleaned and coated.    
    8-After coating it is then baked at 425 degrees to create the top quality finish that will withstand the most harsh conditions nature has to offer.  
  9-From there the bench goes over to the quality control department were it is inspected and bolted to a skid and crated.    
    10-From here it goes to the shipping department and is scheduled with a logistics company to be delivered to your door as quickly as possible.  

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